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Indian Society of Weed Science
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Indian Journal of Weed Science

Volume-56 Issue-1 (January-June)
Year 2024

Research article | Page No: 1-7
Chemical weed management in transplanted rice and its residual effect on follow up lathyrus (Lathyrus sativus L.)
Kalyan Jana, Saikat Biswas, Arup Sarkar, Ramyajit Mondal and Krishnendu Mondal
Research article | Page No: 8-11
Weed growth and productivity of direct-seeded rice under different weed management practices
Koushik Sar, Gayatree Mishra, Sweta Rath and Ipsita Padhi
Research article | Page No: 12-18
Impact of crop establishment on major weeds and their vertical distribution in rice
Kanhaiya Lal, Vikram Bharati, Mukesh Kumar, Biswajit Pramanick, Raj Kumar Jat, S.S. Prasad and Jyostnarani Pradhan
Research article | Page No: 19-23
Management of jungle rice (Echinochloa colona) through herbicides in transplanted rice
M.S. Bhagavathi, M. Ajithkumar and R. Sandhiya
Research article | Page No: 24-29
Weed seed bank and dynamics in wheat as affected by sowing time and rice residue management methods
Ramanpreet Kaur, JS Deol, Navjyot Kaur and Simerjeet Kaur
Research article | Page No: 30-38
Synergistic effects of herbicide safener on tembotrione behavior in irrigated Inceptisols, weed obstruction and maize productivity
P. Janaki, Goalla Sri Priyaa, R. Sathiya Priya and R. Karthikeyan
Research article | Page No: 39-45
Effect of integrated weed management on summer greengram under alluvial soil of West Bengal
Pabitra Adhikary and Partha Sarathi Patra
Research article | Page No: 46-51
Evaluation of post-emergence herbicides for weed management in greengram
Tej Pratap, Vishal Vikram Singh and Neeta Tripathi
Research article | Page No: 52-58
Complex weed flora management through herbicides in nursery and transplanted onion
D.D. Chaudhari, V.J. Patel, H.K. Patel and B.D. Patel
Research article | Page No: 59-62
Weed management in Bt. Cotton through sequential and tank mix application of different herbicides
P.S. Panchal, V.J. Patel, B.D. Patel and D.D. Chaudhari
Research article | Page No: 63-72
Explaining distributional patterns of Trianthema portulacastrum and Ageratum conyzoides in India under future climatic scenarios using Ensemble modelling approach
Aditi Singh, Yogita Gharde and P.K. Singh
Research note | Page No: 73-79
Assessing weed competitive abilities of rice genotypes in direct-seeded rice using purple rice as model weed
Tanu Bansal, Buta Singh Dhillon, Virender Kumar, Pardeep Sagwal and Dharminder Bhatia
Research note | Page No: 80-83
Weed dynamics and maize productivity as influenced by sole and tank mix application of herbicides
Kirtika Garkhal, Suprava Nath and Rohitashav Singh
Research note | Page No: 84-86
Effects of tank-mix herbicides on weed growth and maize productivity
Rajan Shukla, Amit Bhatnagar, Virendra Pratap Singh, N. Tony Manoj Kumar, Anjali Rawat, Sk Asraful Ali and Satyam Rawat
Research note | Page No: 87-90
Integrated weed management minimizing crop yield reduction in vegetable peas
Chinnali Das, Ramanjit Kaur and T.K. Das
Research note | Page No: 91-94
Bell pepper (Capsicum annuum) productivity and economics as influenced by different weed management strategies
Priyanka Bijalwan, Shilpa and Y.R. Shukla
Research note | Page No: 95-97
Modelling rice-weed competition under transplanted ecosystem
Chris John, Vishram Ram and Ngangbam Pusparani

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