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Indian Journal of Weed Science

Volume-55 Issue-3 (July-September)
Year 2023

Research article | Page No: 231-237
Deciphering the influence of barnyardgrass (Echinochloa crus-galli) density on growth and yield components of dry-seeded rice
V.K. Choudhary
Research article | Page No: 238-243
Weed removal and crop nutrient uptake as affected by tillage and herbicides in direct-seeded rice-yellow mustard cropping sequence
D.K. Jaiswal and B. Duary
Research article | Page No: 244-248
Halauxifen plus fluroxypyr pre-mix herbicide as a post-emergent against broad-leaf weeds in wheat
Tarundeep Kaur, Simerjeet Kaur, Makhan S. Bhullar and Amandeep Kaur
Research article | Page No: 249-254
Effect of herbicide and straw mulch on weed growth, productivity and profitability of wheat under different tillage practices in Eastern India
D.K. Jaiswal, B. Duary, Sushree Pratikshya Rani, Subhaprada Dash and Digvijay Singh Dhakre
Research article | Page No: 255-259
Tillage and weed management influence on weed growth and yield of summer maize
S. Ganapathi, G.N. Dhanapal, S. Kamala Bai, K.K. Ajmal, M.N. Thimmegowda, R. Muthu Raju, B.G. Vasanthi and K.K. Sindhu
Research article | Page No: 260-263
Effect of weed control measures on weeds and yield of Rabi (winter) maize
D.D. Chaudhari, V.J. Patel, H.K. Patel and B.D. Patel
Research article | Page No: 264-268
Productivity and profitability of zero till winter maize as influenced by integrated weed management practices
Dhirendra Kumar Roy, Shivani Ranjan and Sumit Sow
Research article | Page No: 269-275
Integrated weed management in fodder maize crop in North-West India
Maninder Kaur, Kawalpreet Singh, Harpreet Singh and M.S. Bhullar
Research article | Page No: 276-281
Weed management effect on density, growth parameters and yield of cowpea
T.U. Patel*, P.V. Parmar, A.P. Italiya, C.S. Chaudhary and D.D. Patel
Research article | Page No: 282-286
Weed management with different herbicid combinations in winter groundnut under red sandy loam soils of Odisha, India
S. Lenka, R.R. Dash K.C. Pradhan, S.K. Swain, and K. Reddy
Research article | Page No: 287-293
Elevated CO2 and temperature influence on crop-weed interaction in soybean
Subhash Chander, Dibakar Ghosh, Deepak Pawar3, Dasari Sreekanth, C.R. Chethan and P.K. Singh
Research article | Page No: 294-300
Dissipation kinetics and residues of pendimethalin in soil, straw and grain of rainy season greengram
Lalit Kumar, Shobha Sondhia, Chaitanya Prasad Nath, Narendra Kumar, Devisha Choudhary and Siddhant Tomar
Research article | Page No: 301-306
Simple detection method for paraquat dichloride in various matrices of cotton and sugarcane using liquid chromatography mass spectrometry
Kousika Jayaram, Bhuvaneswari Kaithamalai, Ramya Murugavel and Muralitharan Venkidusamy
Research note | Page No: 307-310
Comparing manual and mechanical weed management techniques for upland organic rice in acidic soil of Meghalaya: A on-farm study
Amit A. Shahane and U.K. Behera
Research note | Page No: 311-314
Susceptibility of long-term unexposed population of Phalaris minor to isoproturon
Gurpreet Kaur, Tarundeep Kaur and M.S. Bhullar
Research note | Page No: 315-318
Weed dynamics, growth and yield of maize as influenced by organic weed management practices
R. Chethan, G. Karuna Sagar, B. Sandhya Rani and CH. Bharghava Rami Reddy
Research note | Page No: 319-323
Long term effect of soil nutrient management on composition and structure of weed community in a cashew plantation
Meera V. Menon, S. Jalaja, Menon, A.C. Asna, A.N. Naziya Beegum and Teresa Alex
Research note | Page No: 324-327
Evaluation of dose and application time of topramezone for weed management in chickpea
Gajanand, Sunil Kumar, Mukesh Kumar, Devilal Birla, Sanju Choudhary and Devendra Singh
Research note | Page No: 328-332
Production potential and economics of integrated weed control measures in ginger
Dhirendra Kumar Roy, Shivani Ranjan and Sumit Sow
Research note | Page No: 333-339
Assessing the compatibility of pre- and post-emergence herbicides with plant growth promoting rhizobacteria on performance of soybean
Shubham, Tapas Chowdhury and Nitish Tiwari
Research note | Page No: 340-344
Impact of weed management practices on weed growth, crop yield and soil microbes in groundnut
N. Sai Geethika and D. Subramanyam
Research note | Page No: 345-348
Efficacy of pre-and post-emergence herbicides on weed dynamics, growth and yield of soybean
Pranali Kotnake and V.V. Goud
Research note | Page No: 349-354
Weed management in finger millet (Eleusine coracana L.) intercropped in coconut garden
S.R. Sneha, Sheeja K Raj, D. Jacob, P. Shalini Pillai and N.V. Radhakrishnan
Research note | Page No: 355-358
Weed management in organic kodo millet in Eastern dry zone of Karnataka
B.M. Gurubasavaswamy, K.N. Geetha, S. Kamala Bai, N. Pruthviraj, A.N. Karthik, J.K. Sinchana and C.R. Tejaswini

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