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Indian Journal of Weed Science

Volume-55 Issue-1 (January-June)
Year 2023

Opinion | Page No: 1-12
Bibliographic analysis of modelling weed distribution and invasion with global perspective
Yogita Gharde, R.P. Dubey, P.K. Singh, Sushilkumar, A. Jamaludheen, J.S. Mishra and P.K. Gupta
Research article | Page No: 13-17
Weed competitive ability and productivity of transplanted rice cultivars as influenced by weed management practices
Rakesh Kumar, J.S. Mishra*, Santosh Kumar, A.K. Choudhary, Amitesh Kumar Singh, Hansraj Hans, A.K. Srivastava and Sudhanshu Singh
Research article | Page No: 18-23
Bio-efficacy of herbicide mixtures on weed dynamics in direct wet-seeded rice
Ashirbachan Mahapatra, Sanjoy Saha*, Sushmita Munda, Bhabani Sankar Satapathy, Sunita Meher and Hemant Kumar Jangde
Research article | Page No: 24-31
Integration of allelopathic water extracts with cultural practices for weed management in organic wheat
V. Kundra, C.S. Aulakh and M.S. Bhullar
Research article | Page No: 32-35
Weed management with pre- and post-emergence herbicides in Kharif maize in sub-mountainous area of Punjab, India
Amit Kaul*, Bikramjit Singh and Mandeep Singh
Research article | Page No: 36-41
Effect of different combinations of herbicides and aqua-based plants extracts on weeds in sugarcane
Vikram Kumar, R.K. Singh, R.K. Parihar and Sunil Kumar
Research article | Page No: 42-45
Integrated weed management in irrigated cotton under high density planting system
R. Veeraputhiran
Research article | Page No: 46-49
Stale seed bed technique and leguminous cover crops as components of integrated weed management in irrigated cotton
P. Nalayini, D. Blaise and H.R. Mundafale
Research article | Page No: 50-53
Effect of sole and ready-mix herbicides on weeds and productivity of summer greengram in Odisha
P. Mohanty, K. Sar, B. Duary and G. Mishra
Research article | Page No: 54-57
Effect of haloxyfop on narrow-leaved weeds in blackgram and its residual effect on succeeding rice crop
V. Pratap Singh, S.P. Singh, Tej Pratap, Abnish Kumar, Soniya Saini, Neeta Tripathi and Shilpa Patel 
Research article | Page No: 58-66
Molecular and morphological diagnosis of Orobanche aegyptiaca Pers. infestation in mustard fields
Reema Rani, Nikita Baliyan, Ibandalin Mawlong, Ashok Kumar Sharma, Sujith Kumar, Arun Kumar and P.K. Rai
Research article | Page No: 67-71
Quality and profitability of sesame (Sesamum indicum) as influenced by weed management treatments in Kano, Sudan Savanna agro-ecological zone of Nigeria
Kabirou Yaou Idi, Abdulrahman Lado* and Halima Muhammad Isa
Research article | Page No: 72-78
Cashew Orchards’ weeds in high diseases and pests prevalence zone in Côte d’Ivoire
Latif Mory Konate, Abdoul Rahim Falk Ky, Ali Mangara, François N’Guessan Kouame and Daouda Kone
Research article | Page No: 79-85
Tractor-drawn weeder to manage weeds in garlic grown on raised beds
Dilip Jat, S. Syed Imran and C.R. Chethan
Research article | Page No: 86-94
Effect of post-emergence herbicides on economic weed management and turfgrass quality characteristics of Bermuda grass Selection No. 1
Gurinder Singh, Simrat Singh, Manpreet Singh and K.K. Dhatt
Research note | Page No: 95-98
Weed management in zero-till wheat grown after greengram
P.C. Choudhary and A.R. Sharma
Research note | Page No: 99-102
Effect of planting methods, hybrids and weed management on weeds and productivity of rainy season maize
Rajbir Singh Khedwal*, Dharam Bir Yadav, V.S. Hooda, Seema Dahiya and Ankur Chaudhary
Research note | Page No: 103-106
Varying weed management treatments impact on weeds and fodder yield relationship in fodder maize
Maninder Kaur, Kawalpreet Singh and Harpreet Singh
Research note | Page No: 107-110
Crop establishment methods and weed management on productivity of cowpea
P.J. Ayisha, S. Anitha, P. Prameela, K. Sreelakshmi1 and K. Rajalekshmi
Research note | Page No: 111-114
Effect of weed control methods on weeds, onion growth and yield
Pratibha Hembrom, Punam Horo, Sheela Barla and Raimani Hembrom
Research note | Page No: 115-118
Weed control in non-cropped situation using herbicides and their combinations
Tushar Patel, Chinki Chaudhary and Priya Paramar
Research note | Page No: 119-122
Effect of chocolate weed (Melochia corchorifolia L.) leachates on the mortality of storage pests, pulse beetle (Callosobruchus maculatus F.) and rice weevil (Sitophilus oryzae F.)
Dhanu Unnikrishnan, Sheeja K. Raj, G. Suja, Ambili Paul and P. Shalini Pillai

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