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Indian Society of Weed Science
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Indian Journal of Weed Science

Volume-56 Issue-2 (July-December)
Year 2024

Review article | Page No: 98-111
Emerging weed management techniques in agriculture: Harvest weed seed control, weed-tolerant cultivars and foam weed control
Shanmugam Vijayakumar
Research article | Page No: 112-116
Efficacy of herbicide mixtures on weed dynamics in direct-dry-seeded rice under irrigated condition
V.J. Patel, D.D. Chaudhari, A.S. Bhanvadia, H.K. Patel, B.D. Patel and N.N. Chaudhary
Research article | Page No: 117-123
Herbicide-based weed management on weed prevalence, crop productivity and profitability in transplanted rice
V.K. Choudhary and Anil Dixit
Research article | Page No: 124-127
Effect of 2,4-D dose and formulation for brown manuring on weed dynamics, yield and economics in wet seeded rice
D. Sivasakthi, P. Saravanane, V. Sridevi and K. Coumaravel
Research article | Page No: 128-135
Weed suppression and productivity influenced under conservation agriculture and organic weed management practices in rice-maize rotation
Subhra Sahoo, Dhirendra Kumar Roy, Sumit Sow, Shivani Ranjan, Souvik Sadhu and Parmeswar Dayal
Research article | Page No: 136-141
Differential response of grass weeds to ALS inhibiting broad-spectrum herbicide bispyribac-sodium
Lekshmi Sekhar, M. Ameena, Nimmy Jose, R. Beena, V.S. Susha and Fathima Umkhulzum
Research article | Page No: 142-150
Assessment of herbicide resistance in Phalaris minor and managing clodinafop-resistance with alternative herbicides
Jeetendra Kumar Soni, Amarjeet Nibhoria, S.S. Punia and Surabhi Hota
Research article | Page No: 151-158
Efficacy of pre-emergent herbicides against diverse weed flora in wheat crop in Northern Transition Zone of Karnataka in South India
Kumar D. Lamani, Nagesh Rathod* and Uday G. Reddy
Research article | Page No: 159-166
Integrated nutrient and weed management effect on greengram under new alluvial zone of West Bengal
Dhiman Mukherjee
Research article | Page No: 167-175
Comparative evaluation of agronomical, mechanical and chemical management of weeds and their impact on sugarcane productivity
Tushar Patel, M.S. Dudhat, Divyesh Patel and J.D. Thanki
Research article | Page No: 176-185
Herbicides for weed management in onion and analysis of herbicide residues using liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry
P. Bhasker, P.K. Gupta and S.S. Borade
Research article | Page No: 186-190
Integrated weed management in onion
Pabitra Adhikary and Subhra Shil
Research article | Page No: 191-193
Efficiency and economics of broomrape (Orobanche spp.) control by different management practices in tobacco
Dhirendra Kumar Roy, Shivani Ranjan and Sumit Sow
Research article | Page No: 194-199
Deep learning-based weed detection in sesame crops using modified YOLOv5 model
Sandip Sonawane* and Nitin N. Patil
Research article | Page No: 200-203
Mould board weeder for dryland field crops
Achugatla Kesav Kumar, Rayavarapu Jhansi, Shaik Haneefa Begum, Govind Kumar Maurya
Research note | Page No: 204-207
Effect of varied levels of Salvinia molesta vermicompost on soil fertility and crop productivity of rice under coastal conditions of Udupi, Karnataka
Gauthami Kayarga* N.E. Naveen, F.C. Rudragouda, H.S. Chaitanya and S.M. Jayaprakash
Research note | Page No: 208-213
Influence of integrated weed management practices on weeds, physiology, quality and yield of direct sown ragi (Eleusine coracana L. Gaertn)
S.R. Sneha, Sheeja K Raj, D. Jacob, G.V. Kavitha, N.V. Radhakrishnan and Shalini P. Pillai
Research note | Page No: 214-218
Efficacy of pre- and post-emergence herbicides on weed flora and nutrient uptake by weeds and blackgram
Bal Manohar, Puja Ray, Rajeev Singh, Sanjay Kumar, Mainak Ghosh and Seema
Research note | Page No: 219-222
Mathematical modelling for pea-weed competition
Arindam Deb and Vishram Ram

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