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Indian Journal of Weed Science

Volume-54 Issue-1 (January-June)
Year 2022

Analysis article | Page No: 1-10
Trends in global herbicides research during 2011-2020: A web of science-based scientometric study
A. Jamaludheen, Prem Chand, K.V. Praveen, P. Krishnan and P.K. Singh
Opinion | Page No: 11-17
The opportunities and challenges for harvest weed seed control (HWSC) in India: An opinion
S. Vijayakumar, Anil Kumar Choudhary, M. Deiveegan, E. Subramanian, Ekta Joshi, B. Raghavendra Goud, T. Selva Kumar
Research article | Page No: 18-24
Weed dynamics and crops productivity as influenced by diverse cropping systems in eastern India
Rakesh Kumar, Narendra Kumawat, J.S. Mishra*, Dibakar Ghosh, Sonaka Ghosh, A.K. Choudhary and Ujjwal Kumar1
Research article | Page No: 25-30
Impact of nutrient management in rice-maize-greengram cropping system and integrated weed management treatments on summer greengram productivity
Dibakar Ghosh, Koushik Brahmachari, Sukamal Sarkar, Nirmal Kumar Dinda, Anupam Das and Debojyoti Moulick
Research article | Page No: 31-35
Phalaris minor Retz. infestation in wheat crop as influenced by different rice straw management practices usage in Punjab, India
G.S. Buttar, Simerjeet Kaur, Raj Kumar and Dharminder Singh
Research article | Page No: 36-41
Effect of nitrogen and weed management practices in maize and their residual effect on succeeding groundnut
Kadiri Saimaheswari, G. Karuna Sagar, V. Chandrika, P. Sudhakar and T. Giridhara Krishna
Research article | Page No: 42-45
Efficacy of XR-848 benzyl ester + penoxsulam (ready-mix) in managing weeds in dry direct-seeded rice
Y.M. Ramesha, Siddaram, Veeresh Hatti and D. Krishnamurthy
Research article | Page No: 46-50
Effect of irrigation level and weed management practices on wheat growth, yield and economics
Ashok N. Chaudhary, Arvind M. Patel, Vinod B. Mor and Hira N. Chaudhary
Research article | Page No: 51-57
Effect of tillage and weed control measures on the yield and economic efficiency of maize under rainfed conditions of semi-arid region
V.K. Wasnik, P.K. Ghosh, Hanamant M. Halli and G. Gupta
Research article | Page No: 58-65
Enhanced biological control of Parthenium by release of female dominated sex ratio population of Zygogramma bicolorata Pallister
Sushilkumar, Lavkush Kumar and Yogita Gharde
Research article | Page No: 66-70
Sole and sequential application of herbicides for economical weed management in blackgram
S. Tripathy, S. Mohapatra, S.K. Tripathy and A.K. Mohanty
Research article | Page No: 71-76
Influence of mulch-based weed management in organic turmeric production
B.D. Patel, D.D. Chaudhari and V.J. Patel
Research article | Page No: 77-80
Effect of herbicides in managing weeds and on Gladiolus hybridus Hort. growth and flowering
K.K. Dhatt and Tanya Thakur
Research article | Page No: 81-86
The enhancement of root yield and quality of ashwagandha [Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal] by weeds leaves extracts
Abdul Mazeed, Pooja Maurya, Dipender Kumar, Priyanka Suryavanshi
Research note | Page No: 87-90
Non chemical weed management in organically grown direct-seeded aerobic upland rice in newly cleared forest area
Amit A. Shahane and U.K. Behera
Research note | Page No: 91-94
Impact of sole and sequential application of herbicides on weeds, nutrients uptake and productivity of maize
Gharsiram, Mukesh Kumar, Mritunjay Kumar and Devendra Singh
Research note | Page No: 95-97
Effect of weeds control measures on weeds and yield of pearl millet [Pennisetum glaucum L.]
S.R. Samota, S.P. Singh, Hansraj Shivran, Ranjeet Singh and A.S. Godara
Research note | Page No: 98-100
Comparative efficacy of herbicides and hand weeding in managing weeds in irrigated summer finger millet (Eleusine coracana L. Gaertn.)
Likhita Kumari Mohanty, M. Roja, and M. Devender Reddy
Research note | Page No: 101-103
Impact of integration of inter-cultivation, herbicides and manual weeding in winter groundnut yield
N. Charitha, M. Madhavi, G. Pratibha and T. Ramprakash
Research note | Page No: 104-106
Weed management with pre- and post-emergence herbicide under varying tillage systems in chickpea grown after sorghum
Tony Manoj Kumar N. and A.R. Sharma
Research note | Page No: 107-109
Weed management in chickpea at South Saurashtra of Gujarat, India
D. Manasa, P.K. Chovatia and R.K. Kathiria

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